João Henriques was born in Lisbon, on 23rd March, 1984, he has studied photography in Cenjor – Centro Protocolar de Formação para Jornalistas - and got a degree in journalism in the Universidade Lusófona.

In 2006, he had his first assignments for the daily newspaper Público, one of the most prestigious publications in Portugal, where he worked in a regular basis for four years.

In 2007, he started to have regular assignments to Associated Press covering the most important news and events in Lisbon.

In 2010, Henriques was a co-author of the project “Até lá Abaixo” which took him to travel from Lisbon to South Africa by car on the pursuit of the spirit of football in Africa on the same year that the World Cup was hosted for the first time in African soil – the project was focused on covering stories in 21 African countries which connected football with politics, society, human rights and history.

Two years later, in 2012, he joined the same team to travel by public transportation from Istanbul to Tunis on the wake of the Arab Spring – project “Estrada da Revolução”.

He has covered the beggining of the Syrian civil war, the tension in Hebron, West Bank, and also the collateral effects of Arab revolution in Middle East. The project was awarded with the Multimedia Gazeta award for the best Portuguese multimedia feature in 2012.

He is since 2013 the photographer of the Spanish newspaper El País in Portugal, portraiting some of the most important Portuguese individuals such as António Lobo Antunes, Fernando Santos,and Vhils.

Also as a freelancer he has been the correspondent of the Turkish news agency Anadolu in Lisbon.

In the last ten years he has published his photos in several national and internacional newspapers and magazines.